Our Mission

The Stillwater Foundation seeks to promote global well being by supporting organizations that provide youth development and education, contribute to medical research and outreach, and promote environmental stewardship.

Our Values

The Board of Directors share several values that provide a moral basis for all work of the Stillwater Foundation:

Members of the Board believe that all people should be treated with respect.

We believe that the most rewarding responsibility is independence.

Success of those who persevere through adversity is the greatest kind.

Loyalty to family and friends, along with a commitment to self improvement and growth, are values that positively effect society.

We value learning opportunities that enhance our knowledge.

Board members accept the responsibility to most effectively use the funds of the Stillwater Foundation to support our mission and to act in accordance with the values that we all share.

Message from the Board

The John R. Stockman Scholarship is administered by the Community Foundation of Western Nevada and awards funds to deserving students within specified counties of Northern Nevada. For more information please visit the following website: http://nevadafund.org/page33052.cfm